Catherine Treseler picture
Catherine Treseler
Gracie Donovan picture
Gracie Donovan
Vice President
Katherine Edell picture
Katherine Edell
Ally Fleming picture
Ally Fleming
Rebecca Wilson picture
Rebecca Wilson
Member Educator
Katherine DeCoursey picture
Katherine DeCoursey
Personnel Chair
Isabella Roybal picture
Isabella Roybal
Recruitment Chair
Caylee Conlin picture
Caylee Conlin
Panhellenic Delegate
Olivia Palmer picture
Olivia Palmer
Director of Programming
Ashley Blatt picture
Ashley Blatt
Facility Manager
Sophie Walsh picture
Sophie Walsh
Campus Activities Director
Raegan Hill picture
Raegan Hill
Career and Personal Development Director
Kerri Johnson picture
Kerri Johnson
Community Service Director
Alexandria Celia picture
Alexandria Celia
DEI Chair
Corey Kelleher picture
Corey Kelleher
Marketing Director
Julia Synan picture
Julia Synan
Sisterhood Director
Vanessa DeFilippo picture
Vanessa DeFilippo
Social Events Director
Kelly Marshall picture
Kelly Marshall
Foundation Ambassador
Elizabeth Monger picture
Elizabeth Monger
Alumnae Relations Chair
Corey Kelleher picture
Corey Kelleher
Hope Gaetani picture
Hope Gaetani
Cardinal Cabinet Advisor
Veronica Labelle picture
Veronica Labelle
Financial Advisor
Emily Lynch picture
Emily Lynch
Forms and Records Advisor
Haley Boruchowski picture
Haley Boruchowski
New Member Advisor
Audreanna Sauro picture
Audreanna Sauro
Panhellenic Advisor
Casey Falla picture
Casey Falla
Recruitment Advisor
Kristina Bossi picture
Kristina Bossi
Ritual Advisor
Jen McCormack picture
Jen McCormack
House Corporation Board President